I was moved to run for 6th District Council in 2021 after I took notice to the drastic changes happening near my home and throughout my neighborhood. Public safety is becoming a problem in the 6th district. Due to those incidents in the 6th district, my neighbor was able to move swiftly to bring in the township authority to address the situation and we did a block meet. I began talking to my neighbors about my concerns and I learned many of them had the same concerns. In addition to feeling frustrated, disappointed, disconnected and stuck.

I am running for 6th District Council because I believe in our community. My neighbors matters and we deserve better. Our community is unique because we look out for each and respect the different voices that exist in one space. This is why I build my family here. This is why I shop locally. This is why I volunteer here. This is why I will place our hopes over fears and fight for our community to get the resources it deserves to improve our quality of life. 


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Upper Darby Township, Pennsylvania