6th District Councilman


My name is David G. Bantoe, a former Liberian refugee. I was born and raised in a small town in the West African nation of Liberia and moved to the United States of America in 1998 as a refugee. I have resided in the 6th District since 2005 with my wife and four wonderful children. I currently work in the social services field and as a community organizer.

I would like to be your next 6th District Councilman. I have decided to run because I believe our community matters and we deserve better. We thrive as a community because we work together in difficult times. Our community is unique because we look out for each and respect the different voices that exist in one space. This is why I built my family here. My promise is, I will place our hopes over fears and keep fighting for our community to get the resources it deserves to improve our quality of life.

"Representing stronger leadership in our community and rebuilding community trust."


•  Represent Stronger Leadership for all.
•  Rebuild Community Trust
•  Increase Public Safety in our community.
•  Reduce Litter and Trash in our Community.
•  Support economic development.  


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Upper Darby Township, Pennsylvania